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Penzion Krásné Údolí


Welcome to Cesky Krumlov

Dear friends, let me take you to a world where romance meets history, all in the heart of one of the most picturesque cities in the Czech Republic. Pension Krásné údolí in Český Krumlov is the right place for everyone who is looking not only for accommodation, but above all for an unforgettable experience.

Stories of love and well-being are written every day and Penzion Krásné údolí is the best choice for all those who want to be a part of them. Not only will you relax and recharge your batteries, but you will also enjoy the beauty that Český Krumlov has to offer.

Nadpis 6


Our rooms, named after beautiful ladies, got a new face.
And when we say face, we mean it literally.

In these moments, Eleanor, Josephine, Victoria and Catherine all have their own forms.
We have breathed life into the bearers of these beautiful names and you have the honour to meet a beauty from the past.
A great story is inscribed in the walls of this house, and you become a part of it!
Your story and that of a woman from the past will merge into one. The present and the past will shake hands and a story full of... of what?
Loves? Mutinies? Indomitability? Mystery?
Let the spirit of a beautiful lady strike the strings of your imagination. Look into her beautiful bewitching eyes and breathe life into her and her story.
Come up with a beautiful romantic life story for her, which you think she deserves and which will become her destiny thanks to you, your imagination.
Become part of our game with the past. Let's let the past enter our lives together.




• garden in front of the guesthouse for a pleasant seating

* Non-smoking environment

* Breakfast in the breakfast restaurant

* Breakfast is delivered to your room 

* parking lot at the guesthouse for 3 vehicles, another in the garden

* Disinfection of accommodation units before arrival of new guests

* Sealing of accommodation units after cleaning

* Carefully packaged food on delivery

• Storage of bicycles and motorbikes

* Fire alarms

* Gift vouchers for all available stay packages


A limited-time offer designed especially for couples 50+ with discounts from 

20% up to 33%. The discount depends on the length of stay.

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